Community Services – Food Closet & Clothes Closet
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Orangevale’s Community Services has been broken down into two  different services; appropriately names:
Food  Closet and Clothes Closet.  
Shirley Pope has been the Director of Community Services for the past 5  years and is assisted by Cathy Kimura.
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In 1879, the Seventh-day Adventist Church officially named the “Dorcas Society” as its community outreach program.
It was named after Dorcas, a believer with a passion to serve others. Her story is found in Acts 9:32, 36, 39 in the New Testament.
The Dorcas Society consisted of groups of women who met frequently to provide clothes, food, and/or money for families in the church or the immediate community who had temporary needs.
Later, several churches wanted to involve men and started the idea of a co-ed Good Samaritan Society.
By 1953, the General Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church broadened the concept of service to address an increasingly urbanized society.
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Cathy, Shirley (leader), Barbara, and Kathy T.
June  Sutton, assisted by Peggy  McCarthy are the leaders of Clothes Closet.
Community services-8
Community services-1
 Joe repackaging pastries from Panera and Starbucks.
Community services-3
Joe bringing fresh tomatoes to Food Closet
Community services-2Richard Y.  Picking up and delivering food to Food Closet.
Community services-4
Kathy T and Barbara B
Community services-1-6
Pastor Jon, Shirley and Bob 
Community services-14
Shirley handing out food to one of our guest.
This school year, we gave away about 50-60 backpacks a lot are filled with school supplies, dental hygiene kits (TB, TP, and floss).  Each child/student received a shoe card (gift card to Payless).
To see more of what they do each week, visit their Facebook Page by clicking HERE
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